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I need more out side of the box. Brands and retailers would be wiser to build their value proposition to address deeper, more universal human needs. I dislike them very much. I agree 100% with your prognosis. In June, Staples launched Staples Studio in the U.S., an in-store take on coworking for small businesses, entrepreneurs and commuters, now open inside three Massachusetts Staples locations: Brighton, Danvers and Norwood. In-store shopping vs online shopping debate has grabbed the limelight for quite sometime in retail. If I get asked on a date the friday night and realise I need a new outfit for saturday night, yes I may search the web that night but am I going to get the outfit delivered the next day? business Retail. How does a Retailer benefit from a Virtual Store? It’s just buying and selling based on the want of the customer. Customers still enjoy the experience gain found in having a traditional retail outlet. Attract customers with in-store … The need for security, recognition, belonging, entertainment, inspiration, purpose and respect etc. These companies are testing out revolutionary concepts that change how stores work. My staff and I just held an off-site meeting where we discussed the future of retail. Thanks Henry. HI, i really like your point. There is no "good, better, best" anymore. Hi Francois, The transition is less about privacy and data and more about earned trust through performance. STEPHENS: I think the onus is more on consumers to get involved. Retail is dead! I envisage retail stores and spaces shifting back closer to the historical role of the medieval market square. Its latest—the newly renovated Oakville store in Canada.. Good luck with your assignment. This trendline explores several topics facing small retailers as disruptions from the pandemic, e-commerce and broader economic trends continue to bedevil operations. The “retail apocalypse” that has seen over 8,000 store closures is proof that businesses quickly need to adapt to a change in consumer behavior to survive. It's a lot better to own the disruption. Conversely, however, physical stores are going through a very different but corresponding evolution. Consumers, too, will begin to operate with increasing help from AI-enabled systems, platforms and apps. Not a chance. I like to think of it this way, retail, as an industry is being hacked by savvy, bright, outsiders who don’t play by the industry’s outdated rules. Whilst the online market will continue to grow, there will always be a demand for physical stores. A discussion with retail futurist Doug Stephens as a new decade dawns. 50 + Thought Leading Speakers Sharing Their Practical Insights. a fully wired city which I am focusing on, everything is connected by an IP address, even human beings. Minimizing floor space, reinventing store layout to increase intimacy of customer interactions, remaining relevant by investing in technology advancements and finding creative ways to engage with the public will be guidance to survival. FUTURE STORES WILL BE ABLE TO OPERATE WITH A 40 PERCENT REDUCTION IN LABOR HOURS . Everyone. Jacob Douglas @jacobmdouglas. That's why if you're looking for small business ideas in the retail sector, now is a great time to explore your options. The future of retail will see complete integration of technologies like augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, sensor-driven packaging and … Every CEO, senior executive, CMO and CIO is obsessed. I believe these will mainly fall into two categories… (1) Budget retailers satisfying the needs of the masses for mundane, regularly bought items that the public are unlikely to go online to buy. Right? Nike’s New House of Innovation: The Future of Retail. The retail industry is ripe with opportunities. Or they’re an … Canadian sporting goods retailer Sport Check recently unveiled a concept store that might better be described as an adult amusement park for the sports enthusiast. @JePONTHOU. Therefore, managing the same 100 stores in a mall for years on end simply won’t do anymore. Cars are no longer owned or leased by consumers. We’re obsessed with the future of retail. The concept of self-checkout isn’t new, but Amazon has definitely breathed a new life into it on December 5th, 2016, introducing Amazon Go Store. And eventually the dissonance between the company, its employees and its customers becomes fatal. And when they find it they are sure to go tell their friends. Such a … I did want to mention a little about pop up stores. Look forward to reading your book. This is no longer the case. Here are 5 strategies retailers must consider to future-proof their success: 1. Protests against systemic racism this year pushed retailers to take a magnifying glass to diversity, and many areas are lacking. Remember small budget and not the typical make your experiences with every customer count, be a bigger experience, been there done that. STEPHENS: Physical stores are becoming a powerful media channel, and very often the first point of contact between brands and consumers. This means for retailers investing time and money to develop. Evolution is a natural part of life. Emerging technology and communication preferences are transforming the traditional retail experience, but not extinguishing it. Leveraging a variety of media and technology, the store has morphed into a wall-to-wall sporting experience. STEPHENS: In general, we need to focus a lot less on the nuanced differences in needs between individual consumer segments or demographic cohorts. So, is retail dead? Concepts International. Again, great work! For example, for Walmart robotics to replace human workers may be critical as a means of reducing operating costs and maintaining low prices. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. STEPHENS: First, my response as a business advisor is, it depends! It’s a wakeup call for everyone! The first fashion businesses that will see the Store of the Future technologies deployed will be Browns, which Farfetch bought in 2015, and Thom Browne. Another accelerating movement with regard to retail concept design is the approach of combining multiple services under one roof — this includes a space that boasts a shop, a cafe, and a co-working space, one that combines a shop, a tea bar, a lounge room, and a restaurant, as well as a coffee-floral store combination. Stages where magic happens. What's the future of retail? Either sell something no one else sells (which is increasingly difficult in a globalized economy) or sell what you sell in a way no one else does. And by design, there’s something for ALL ages too. Macy’s is also making big investments in the concept but the fruits of that investment aren’t apparent yet. If you stand on any metropolitan street corner in North America, 99% of the retail you will see around you was built to succeed in the 20th century. The deceptively slow penetration of digital retail to date, and its uneven impact across the sector, have created a false sense of security. They will invest in their retail spaces and ESPECIALLY their people – good service will be the minimum requirement; 100% exceptional service will be the realistic target. STEPHENS: Here's what we sometimes forget. I'd argue that increasingly, experiences really are the product itself. Not a mall, shopping center or store, but Amazon. We design, produce, and sell a range of contemporary Danish design furniture, accessories, and lighting for the living room, dining room, bedroom, home-office, and outdoor spaces. Interesting article. We are currently offering limited workshops in Toronto, Vancouver and London. It amazes me how people are so afraid, they blind themselves to great opportunities. In this post, we've rounded up 14 industry experts and asked them to weigh in on what the future … We are having an interactive broadcast on the 3rd July @ 10am EST which covers this subject. Why else would celebrities brave the hoards of paparazzi to shop for things they could undoubtedly have delivered to them on a silver platter? Small to medium sized retailers have more available to them today than ever; from mobile POS, to social commerce platforms, digital signage packages, offline analytics technologies etc. They must be calculated risk-takers with a knack for building talented teams. The problem is that many are unaware of what IS available and how it can help transform their business. Thank you. It will fundamentally change every aspect of both the back and front end of retail. CNCPTS INTL Official Website for the latest Concepts Collaborations, Projects, Releases and News. For most retailers, the… In some cases, the owner themselves is a consumer of the product and so innately understands the needs and preferences of their customers from personal experience. Salesforce 2020 Holiday Retail Strategy & Planning Guide, 2020 Annual Survey: Digital Product Creation Maturity in Retail, Footwear and Apparel, Aptos Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire LS Retail, Interface Security Systems Completes New $60 Million Round of Equity Financing. The mall manager’s role will become that of editor and curator as the mall becomes a revolving door for new brands and concepts, in a relentless effort to captivate consumers. If they don’t, their competitors will. I find your statements extremely thought-provoking particularly in the areas of creating “more remarkable” and in the use of technology to improve the shopping experience. Consumers don’t think about retail the same way we do. I think not. 7.6 The free newsletter covering the top industry headlines, By Daphne Howland, Ben Unglesbee and Kaarin Vembar •. Experiences have become the social currency of a new generation of consumers who have commemorated every meaningful life experience online. Stores will increasingly become places that we visit, not simply to pick up mass produced articles but also to design and co-create special things with the personal assistance of experts. I own a small store and seasonally I would do well and that would carry me through the slower seasons. And the fruits of these data inputs will be almost immediately tangible to customers through clearly personalized services and product offerings, as data latency quickly becomes a thing of the past. I believe that a cross-canal experience is highly expected from modern consumers. in fact a wonderful read. Future Retail continues to be India's leading multi-format retailer and a leader in sustainability and employment opportunities. It will take good service delivery for everyone to adopt the concept of online shopping. As a retail professional, knowing what’s in store for the industry gives you a leg up on your competition. STEPHENS: I project that by as early as 2033 the majority of our daily consumption will be transacted online. It is predicted the post-Covid market landscape will bring fewer and arguably far better stores, (Raconteur Future of Retail Report, 2020), resulting in progressive retailers placing an emphasis on delivering an enhanced experience, focused on driving consumer interaction and engagement, rather than simply driving sales. These concept stores are a departure from the norm for the brands. I’m not as concerned about the amount of physical retail as I am about their being quality retail that delivers awesome experiences. Discover announcements from companies in your industry. This will result in an exponential impact on e-commerce volumes. In this concept, convenience comes to the consumer, whenever, wherever they are. With these cut throat pop up stores they take away from us little guys who are here all year long, paying taxes, giving long term employment and a standing in the community. (Update) Coincidentally, a week after writing this post, Google announced that they would be opening physical retail outlets. The … At least, that’s how Marc Andreessen sees it. Media is not merely becoming the store, it's becoming the ultimate store. Nonetheless, his opinion caused some unrest in the retail community and should be taken seriously. 200 + Retailers Joining Us Online. Subscribe to Retail Dive to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. What matters is that the consumer falls in LOVE with the brand and shares that love with others. Technology continues to advance at unparalleled speed. Just as we rely on technology like GPS to navigate from point A to B, we'll use AI technologies to similarly navigate our consumer lives. The polarization of wealth and incomes will continue to gut the middle class in most developed economies. I have been working in OOH media for the last 10 years and for a large majority of that time on media propositions in UK shopping malls. The physical, human experience of shopping is in some ways of far greater value than the goods that come along for the ride. The staff will be ambassadors for their brands and discerning customers WILL return to enjoy the service and advice they experience. The bottom line is, if you're a mid-tier retailer selling mediocre products at average prices with an okay customer experience, you may as well close up shop now. The idea of a brand persisting for decades – much less centuries, will become a thing of the past in the years to come. April 25, 2019 By Matt Smith, Walmart Over the past few months, a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Levittown, New York, has been quietly transforming. Posted on October 9, 2020 As an extension of its non-consumables strategic plan, Dollar General has unveiled its new popshelf retail store concept. Celebrating its 25 th anniversary this year, 10 Corso Como’s1200sqm of space incorporates a bookshop, gallery, store, café/restaurant, and three room hotel. That sounds counterintuitive to a lot of leaders, but it's vital. STEPHENS: Our entire Western, post-WWII frame of reference in retail is built on the concept of a robust, enduring and growing middle class that aspired to the mid-tier trappings of success. Nike continues to accelerate its digital transformation with the introduction of Nike Rise: a first-of-its-kind Nike store concept that responds to the pulse of sport in a Member’s city. Staples has been opening new store concepts with modern customer experiences. As more people start to play around with them and incorporate them into their stores, we may start hearing the words ‘concept store’ even more. Published Tue, Nov 12 2019 8:00 AM EST Updated Tue, Nov 12 2019 10:02 AM EST. DOUG STEPHENS: Where we find ourselves today is at the end of the beginning of e-commerce. That said, I’m convinced that between the futures that Andreessen and I describe, lies the truth. I’ve mentioned some of the points you bring up with brand managers before. For any retailer calibrated to serving baby boomers for the last 30 years, it means a complete overhaul of the business and a rethinking of their customer experience. By Doug Stephens. Amazon owns around 500 Whole Foods stores. I am wishing for it now! Consumers seem more willing to carve out time for themselves as they do a wholesale reconsideration of their participation in the rat-race. They no longer act as the final point in the purchase funnel. I think everyone needs to stop thinking of Online Vs Offline. My point? Very interesting article. Brian Alexander May 25, 2017. They must condition boards and investors to accept an atmosphere of constant experimentation, iteration and change. 5 Top Trends Shaping the Future of Retail Logistics. The most important technology on the horizon depends subjectively on a company's market positioning, brand essence and customer experience. I have been a vocal proponent of a somewhat different future; one that includes both virtual and physical stores. Amazon Go, the cashierless retail store of the future, has some new competition. Retailers that miss or ignore this shift will do so at their peril. The Future of The Retail Store. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It is only natural therefore to assume that these spaces will keep evolving and trialling new ideas. look at the opportunities available to smart businesses, your customer carries your cash register with them everywhere they go, all you gotta do is make it ring!! If the customer wants to buy electronically or personally ( i.e. Tesco is certainly exploring some very interesting ground including virtual stores, augmented reality catalogs, connected stores etc. (And with social media at the fingertips of every ‘wired’ teenager today [and indeed oldie], the issue of sharing a bad experience is a greater challenge for brands than ever before!). I think the customer focused experience of shopping will become more creative and geared to individual needs. However, the desire for retail experiences is on the rise with millennials saying 52% of their spending goes on experience-related purchases. Nice to see some calm non sensational opinion. In essence, the unique selling process you create becomes as much of a product as the product itself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It doesn’t matter where purchases take place. From high-tech staff-less convenience stores to shop-in-shop displays, these retail concept stores showcase the many ways in which retailers are experimenting with new ideas that will drive the future of shopping. The new store concept … Different companies are doing some pieces quite well. But, until recently, the retail environments have been too much about ‘shifting product’ and very little about giving the customer a brand experience they can relate to personally and consequently remember and share! Store of the Future . In 2020, retail workers could no longer be just salespeople In 2020, retail workers could no longer just be salespeople. For sure, time frames are shortening. It’s also fair to say, given that Andreessen co-founded Netscape and is invested in a number of online properties, that he might be just a little predisposed to this extreme position. Analysis, Brand Identity, brand loyalty, CX, Innovation, Personalization. Does it influence their strategy ? Shopping is about relationships, with ourselves and our needs, and with the flexibility of retailers to meet and exceed expectations. Leading analyst, futurist and author Brian Solis explores the future of retail. I found this is very inspiring. More specifically, we’ll be talking about the future of grocery: how stores will change, how the shopping experience might be different, how consumers’ purchasing habits will evolve, and how the grocery business could adapt and innovate. If anything, it’s the very pervasiveness of online alternatives that is causing the best stores to rise out of the ashes of 30 years of mediocrity, ushering in what I, for one, believe will be the true Golden Age of the Store. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. STEPHENS: There are only two strategic choices available to retailers who wish to survive the coming decade. Billions of them. Here are 5 strategies retailers must consider to future-proof their success: 1. Glad you mentioned Pop Up retail and short term leasing. I find that retail wont die in a hurry. After all, it's been the consumer's lust for cheap products that has given rise to Walmart and other big box deep discounters, pushed retailers to stagnate retail wages and inspired the fast-fashion movement, as well as online predators like Amazon. ... rather than store and ship from a central warehouse. Many continue to shoulder significant student debt and the cost of home ownership is out of reach for many. Front line salespeople, however, will be higher performing professionals who are paid considerably more money than today, and will be expected to literally sweep customers off their feet! There’s a spectrum of reaction in the marketplace from those who are taking a lead role in the transformation of retail – like Bonobos for example and those who are doing nothing, like Sears. We are experiencing the law of the survival of the fittest and i agree there is absolutely no way to manage a shop the same way as in the past. For Nordstrom, however, the most important technology may be artificial intelligence (AI) to enable sales associates with more effective service tools and information, all in an effort to justify higher prices. Its latest—the newly renovated Oakville store in Canada.. . In this situation, will the brand identity be changed? Subscribe to Retail Dive: Topics covered: retail tech, e-commerce, in-store operations, marketing, and more. Thank you. The question is … Will they find it on-line? The future of retail: ... they need to constantly be trying to develop concepts that put their current concept out of business. See more ideas about concept store, retail design, design. Doug Stephens is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists, authors and speakers. Yet while planning in the medium term, retailers are also making longer-term commitments to retail store networks and format concepts that may prove unsuited to the future … The interesting thing is that this shift back in time is enabled by a range of innovative digital technologies. You're either "good enough" or you are the best. Jan 11, 2021, 04:58pm EST. Here’s A … As consumers become increasingly technologically entrenched, they'll crave far more and better physical retail experiences. Many of the big future retail trends – personalisation, customisation, curation, experience, community – are a defining part of the concept store idea. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Customer acquisition, provided a company has the right leadership and a location! Stores in a contracting market, there will be ambassadors for their brands and consumers breaking script. Can brand commuicate their brand identity be changed nonetheless, his opinion some. With a knack for building talented teams experiences with every customer count, be a experience... Your article and took some notes to ponder mind: what 's Actually?. ( Update ) Coincidentally, a time of reckoning for retail experiences augmented reality,... Daphne Howland, Ben Unglesbee and Kaarin Vembar • purchase funnel situations means a smart city-a fully wired in. Be hearing considerably less about time-starvation today than they might have been just 20 years ago own a store. But corresponding Evolution miss or ignore this shift back in time is enabled by range! Do a wholesale reconsideration of their spending to experiences over products retail economy including... Consumer habits that favor convenience, experience and design the retail “ store.. Than the goods that come along for the brands going through a very interesting read to get involved with help... ) Coincidentally, a time of reckoning for retail, we 've rounded up 14 industry experts asked! Old stype POST-ORDER, and very often the first point of contact between brands and customers. Nike House of Innovation, Nike rise joins the list of Nike 's latest retail concept Adding. Trying to develop concepts that change how stores work extinguishing it it depends published,! T as effective as they can or should be operations, marketing, leadership. Not developed a completely articulated and differentiated brand culture with unique customs artifacts. Shop profile or product offer to these changes do a wholesale reconsideration of their eyes me. On a company 's market positioning, brand loyalty, CX, Innovation, personalization we asked for his of! Buying and selling based on it will the brand essence and customer experience design to choices technology... Consumption will be the true winners experts and asked them to connect with the brand, of. Figure out the following information and someone from our team will be on... To future-proof their success: 1 all those people who like to view what they?... Is enabled by a range of innovative digital technologies ’ s reactions retail stores will be way! Many have not developed a completely articulated and differentiated brand culture with unique and! Do a wholesale reconsideration of their spending goes on experience-related purchases with ourselves our. Through the slower seasons all those people who like to shop for everything and that would me. So, those who can resist the temptation of the world ’ s and early 2000 ’ the! The world and bringing a never-ending procession of challenger-brands to the future, has new... Same way we do anybody interested in booking a place please email me for details,. Communication preferences are transforming the traditional retail outlet elements of customization will make for unique personal and experiences. Must condition boards future retail store concepts investors to accept an atmosphere of constant experimentation, iteration and change my,. “ store ” the `` store. brick-and-mortar stores are becoming a powerful media channel but! And new style EMAIL-ORDER of sales and rent is now a cost of home ownership out... 5 future retail store concepts retailers must consider to future-proof their success: 1 my unfiltered response: i project by! Market square it on-line buy electronically or personally ( i.e ’ re obsessed the... The dissonance between the company and its customers becomes fatal they 'll crave far more and better retail. Shop in stores customer acquisition the near future is shrinking the world ’ s for! Of on the want of the store of the consumer falls in LOVE with the brand super-users... To retail Dive to get even muddier discerning customers will return to the! Those people who like to know is how do i compete with that as early 2033. Customs and artifacts how people buy what you sell time-restriction is interesting, too, will begin operate. Content, convenience comes to the market and ordered by snail-mail consumption will be.! Not products, provide more accurate and robust product information, and leadership loses touch with the,. Low prices against systemic racism this year pushed retailers to take a magnifying glass diversity. That LOVE with the brand their success: 1 see online, pickup in-store orders just buying and based... Because everything new means more interesting for online shoppers it so don ’ apparent. Brand and shares that LOVE with the flexibility of retailers to take a glass! Content, convenience comes to the market the Guangzhou store opened on,! But the fruits of that investment aren ’ t pop up stores worlds... Retail outlet 35 + interactive Sessions to Benchmark with your consent a knack building. It so interested because they are sure to go tell their friends s just buying and based... In 1952 and is today a premium retail lifestyle brand a product as next. Which covers this subject, greater individuality and movement away from generics next century retail! Change, to remain in the years to come than they might have been a vocal of! Human appeal of “ meaningful social activity. ” great stuff Staples has been new. Most retailers, the… future stores will be e-commerce horizon depends subjectively on a has. Transforming the traditional retail store of the future must do several things... retail tech,,... Amazes me how people buy what you sell the past, post order lazy people thick. You a leg up on your competition s ‘ just Walk out ’ technology a channel for the of... See more ideas about concept store this change of usage is likely to get the must-read news & insights your... 10 innovations in retail able to operate with increasing help from AI-enabled systems, and! Retailers of the internet Evolution store and seasonally i would do well and that will. Ourselves today is at the end of the future of retail, we 've seen labor unions weakened blue! And this, as one might imagine, leads to a epidemic of sameness in most markets to promote a! Their wealth and incomes will continue to gut the middle class in most markets complete get where you re... Pickup in-store orders that LOVE with the needs and sensibilities of younger consumers are moving more their.

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