Our Goals

  1. The Mesopotamian Heritage Association actively seeks to maintain links between the millions of Mesopotamian immigrants and refugees who were forced to leave their lands and their history. Our association works on raising awareness among this large community, no matter where they are, to the importance of Mesopotamian Civilization and the history they all share regardless of their ethnic and religious backgrounds. People fight for ideas and beliefs, either to spread them or to protect them. We believe that raising awareness and spreading knowledge to these communities of their shared history will maintain peace and unity among those ethnic groups and minorities.
  2. The work of the Mesopotamian Heritage Association also includes documenting the destruction done to archaeological sites and monuments of historical and religious importance. This is an important prerequisite in the phase of reconstruction in the foreseeable future.
  3. The Mesopotamian Heritage Association seeks to establish networks and relations with cultural institutions in Switzerland and Europe with the aim of raising awareness to Mesopotamian heritage and civilization. 
  4. Our association is working on the Reconstruction of the destructed sites and monuments virtually, and sharing our data base with different institutes and universities for further studies and reconstruction.
  5. The Mesopotamian Heritage Association welcomes all individuals and groups on both the local and international level in participating in these objectives to safeguard, educate and promote the Mesopotamian Historical legacy.

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