conscientious objection in medicine

The personal is political, the professional is not: conscientious objection to obtaining/providing/acting on genetic information. Conscientious objection in medicine. Ancell A, Sinnott-Armstrong W. Paradigmatic cases of conscientious objection in medicine are those in which a physician refuses to provide a medical service or good because doing so would conflict with that physician's personal moral or religious beliefs. Framing the Issue Conscientious objection is the refusal to perform a legal role or responsibility because of personal beliefs. 2009;151C(1):62-67. 205 – 227. During the third year of medical school, the question, “Do you know what specialty you’re going into?” comes up daily. Introduction. respecting conscientious objection in medicine, such as integrity of the objecting the moral medical professional (e.g., Wicclair 2000 and Brock 2008), toleration for different moral points of view (e.g., Wear, Lagaipa, & Logue 1994 and Wester 2015), or eventhe truth of the claims of . Conscientious objection in medicine has become a topic of heated debate in recent years. Available through: Philosopher's Index database [Accessed 30 November 2015]. Deeply held religious beliefs may conflict with some aspects of medical practice. In previous work on conscientious objection in medicine, I have argued that (a) conscience can express true normative (and, more specifically, moral) claims (Ben-Moshe 2019c), and (b) the claims in question can be about medical norms rather than about general moral norms (Ben-Moshe 2019a).My aim in the current paper is not to retract my previous views about conscientious objection, … In health care, conscientious objection can involve practitioners not providing certain treatments to their patients and parents not consenting to certain treatments for their children. In all cases, conscientious objection clauses allow the healthcare professional to provide the patient with a medical service that is not led by the standard of best practice for that patient according to current medical and ethical guidance but by the practitioner’s own non-financial interests. 2006 Feb 4;332(7536):294-7. doi: 10.1136/bmj.332.7536.294. Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet . Conscientious objection in medicine BMJ. Recognition of conscientious objection seems reasonable in relation to controversial and contentious issues, such as physician assisted suicide and abortion. Conscientious objection in medicine: accommodation versus professionalism and the public good Udo Schuklenk Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University, … Bioethics, 14(3), pp. doi: 10.1111/1467-8519.00191 , , [Web of Science ®], [Google Scholar] Wicclair, M. R. 2008. Is conscientious objection incompatible with a physician's professional obligations? How to Allow Conscientious Objection in Medicine While Protecting Patient Rights. The Trump administration announced a new rule on religious conscience protections for the medical field on Thursday, aimed at protecting religious …

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