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Clear glasses are on-trend and perfect for refreshing your look. However, plastic frames can break and become brittle with age. I don’t know if it’s a permanent solution, but for now I’m happy I don’t have to replace my fave, as I also struggle to find a suitable frame (small face, but large prescription / thick lens). Next I broke out my nail buffer. The only area affected is the outside, on the front and on the part of the arms that see sunlight. PerfectGlasses.co.uk the largest online glasses store in UK, offers an exclusive collection of white frames and spectacles at lowest prices. I got brown dye on the glasses and removed it with nail polish remover. Progress with the foam is slow. And some advise that the only way to really fix the problem is to gently scrape away the damaged surface layer. Excellent post, I was going mad trying (and failing) to wash this stuff off my frames! We just arrived at an asteroid: OSIRIS-REx has reached Bennu! About SEA2SEE Sea2see design and produces optical frames and sunglasses in Italy, entirely made with recycled marine plastic waste collected in collaboration with fishermen from West Africa, Spain and France. Incidentally, I’ve just made my fourth frames purchase and I’m hoping this one is the charm. The new range of bold colours Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter without the lenses. If you wear plastic eyewear frames, it is common to end up with stains on the rims or on the ear pieces. Be sure to dry off the excess water by shaking it off the frame. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. If I had known that professionally polishing acetate frames was even a “thing” I would have done it in a heartbeat! Stage 1 and 2 are grittier, for shaping nails, and 3-6 are for polishing the top. Your mileage may vary, but this was the only thing that made a visible difference on my frames. It was evening and toothpaste was something I had on-hand. Designer style but without the price tag. White frame glasses are available to wear even if you don’t need vision correction. Got a complicated prescription? The frames are usually made from zylonite, cellulose acetate or nylon, according to the All About Vision website 1. The foam works really well, but patience is definitely a requirement. Simply select non-prescription when checking out. Plastic eyeglass frames are lightweight and come in a range of colors. Perfect for the style pioneers among us. Not where you’d expect hair products or make up to do damage. I finally decided to do some digging online and I found several different remedies crop up. Wire-frame glasses finished in bright metal are also a great choice for bringing attention to your best features. Let me know if anybody knows what brand that is Magic eraser and who sells it. If you give it a go, or have your own tricks for refreshing eyeglass frames, let me know in the comments! Take our Fit & Style Quiz! Eyeglass Colors Various sources online claim that this discoloration is due to interactions with hair products, but I suspect this is a half-truth. Required fields are marked *. Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at And children’s frames don’t have long enough arms. I wanted to share something that worked for me on my dark frames. Hair dye, particularly permanent dye, can cause permanent stains when it drips. Then, for additional shine, following up by massaging in a thin coating of Vaseline or lanolin. In principle, it works for the same reason it works on your teeth: the paste is mildly abrasive. I tried the nail file / Vasoline method and the frames came out great. If you wear eyeglasses, it is important to clean not only the lenses, but the frames as well. Today’s high-tech materials are specially designed for durability. Removing white oxidation from plastic eyeglasses. Our calling Plastic glasses frames can also be the best option for stronger prescriptions. I followed up with baking soda, which I mixed into a paste with a little water. Specsavers' plastic glasses are the perfect way to make a statement which matches your outfit. Our collection of men’s glasses includes a range of styles from classic shapes to unconventional textures. If you give the buffing method a try, I recommend a 4-stage buffer, with sides that extend right to the edge in order to reach little corners and parts near the eye glass. Now the frame looks as though it has dried out, and the tortoiseshell pattern that I had liked so much has developed white patches. Excellent! $32, Botanist All Eyeglasses The story is below, but here’s the punchline. Top quality frames at an unbeatable price! I’ve struggled to replace my frames. You can use the glasses cloth to be soaked with a bit of the oliver oil and wipe the white for a minute, then the white paint can be gone. Btw, it’s a lot easier to do if you pop out the lenses and unscrew the arms. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips! Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Luckily my frame kind of protrudes on top from the lenses so I could really go in without fear of scratching the lens. It gives a little more glossy finish than the lanolin. This oxidation is almost certainly the source of the cloudiness. Plastic frames are durable, they can accommodate thicker prescription lenses, and they're usually hypoallergenic. White frames are sophisticated and bold in equal measure. I have a very narrow head and this pair measures 50-14-135. (Ingrid Bergman even donned a pair in 1945 in Another choice is transition lenses, they can darken and lighten depending on the surrounding light level. My frame became discoloured after the summer (so I also suspect UV plays a big role). Even this level of grit feels soft to the touch. Choosing Metal or Plastic Frames for Your Eye Glasses History of eyeglasses frames According to the sources, the first eyeglasses were made in 1286 by a lay person in Pisa, Italy. I have a beloved pair of eyeglasses I’ve worn for about 6 years now. (How high they sit on your bridge plays a role in this.) I tried just with a nail buffer (mine is 2-sided, so I used the coarser side, which is still very fine) and it worked perfectly! Hold the plastic frame against the polishing wheel at the area where the white discoloration was. Whether you’re reverting to a retro look or want to try on the latest modern designs, we have frames that will fit your style. With white glasses, you've got a pair of specs that will go well with any colour out there, giving you the flexibility your wardrobe deserves. Order online, unisex blue full rim other plastic square eyeglass frames model #125216. The top and bottom ridges were tough to reach while avoiding the rougher parts of the buffer. ArmorAll wipes). Durable, hypoallergenic, comfortable, sports-friendly, and ideal for disguising thicker lenses: plastic eyeglasses are a great alternative to metal frames. Plastic frames are becoming more and more popular due to their design versatility, and endless colour and design customisation. Because that part has oxidized a lot in my case and would like to see if it will work. Bright styles of frame are modern and permanently on-trend. Clear frames for glasses and sunglasses—also known as transparent or crystal frames—have grown in popularity over the last few years even though they’ve been around for a while.

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