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Looking for the Eli ending to be explained? Back in 2015, creator Alanah Pearce would be met with an enigmatic and extremely overbearing online viewer. In the scene the motorcyclist comes from the right. So if the crippled daughter, the wandering dog, the reoccurring images of syringes don’t directly mean something… then what was their point? Now to ask again does anyone go into the Room? Depending on your starting point, your world view, your belief systems - there is a chance our answers will be the same, and a good chance they will differ and both could simultaneously be correct interpretations, another sign of masterful art; it touches you where you are at. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A Miracle. Perhaps that works on a literal level. In Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, three men leave the confines of a rotting Eastern European city and walk through a pleasant-looking rural setting. But don’t be fooled - this doesn’t mean the master artist isn’t trying to say something. I can't help but see a resemblance between these characters and Hitchens/Dawkins, although obviously they couldn't have been thought of when making the film. Dangerous Lies is a frustrating film, filled with teases, red herrings and never-explained sub-plots. 35 comments So I want to write this before I read your post, just because it's been stewing for a few days. That if we are given the answers to something, it is not worthy of being our spiritual quest. But I'm leaving it there. When you enter the inner parts of the Sarcophagus, you reach the wondrous Reactor #4, which was the cause of the real Chernobyl disaster. I beg you to answer them yourself. What's your opinion? However, in terms of horror elements, this new Netflix horror movie did actually deliver. What are we given (shown) at the very end? Thanks for the heads-up, hadn't heard of the book, but added to my Amazon wishlist. Stalker struggles with Professor trying to take the bomb away, with Writer intervening several times, tearing Stalker away from the Professor. We all know the story by now, so director Tiller Russell can leisurely fill in the plot. At about 23 minutes, when Stalker, writer and professor are driving in their car they have to hide for a motorcyclist. Interesting enough, these are the most popular views expressed by pop culture atheism of today. The thing about the Wish Granteris that, although it fulfills your wish, it does so in an unexpected fashion, wh… Point of discussion: Why did the Professor and the Writer lack faith? Magic. The original poster took to Reddit's AITA community in hopes of finding a consensus on what she should do. And now that I've read your post, I feel silly. Mendes is Chicago's Smile Diner waitress Katie Franklin. There are suggestions of oddities, some of which make little sense without having read the novella and short stories on which this is based (such as tying strings to nuts and tossing them ahead), but little else. I was keen to have a low key day on r/TF after like 17 posts recently and then you go and post a thorough, fascinating and gorgeous breakdown of one of my favourite films ever that happens to be deeply embedded in my soul. Maybe it was the 64 ounce caffeinated beverage I was sipping, or the socially awkward silences and creaking seats that kept 600 of us holding our breaths so as not to ruin the mood - but the tension was real, and I was riveted to the screen this time, and learned a s**tload about awesome filmmaking. She speaks directly to us. 8. This question... this is why I come here. “Stalker” is a multi-layered film whose science-fiction surface touches upon topics ranging from home and identity to belief. To me, this fits a far more accurate parallel to the faith- and empiricism-based worldviews of the other two. Also, I thought the writer expressed existential attitudes but the film was pretty decidedly against all of that. The heart of most viewers while on the journey to the Room actually want to know if there is a power, a magic. Again and think hard - does anyone go into the Room? Why are they there? Definitely a movie to watch. And don’t fall into the trap of symbolism… Tarkovsky hates direct parallels with anything… he calls it shallow preaching, bad filmmaking and detests it in his or other’s films. Stalker Horror Movies. Although I suppose it's a way of stating the same thing - existentialism sort of forces a burden of creativity on humanity that didn't previously exist. I just watched Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky. It is a movie with some of the most beautiful shots in cinema, a fantastic, vulnerable performance by Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy and masterful sound design. But I didn't get the ending. To him symbolism is a shallow attempt at good art. Both the novel and the games are among my favourites of all time so I’m quite excited to round out my … The Zone of Alienation stretches between the borders of Ukraine and Belarus, and is kept protected by the Ukrainian authorities. A Bangladeshi film director has been arrested and charged after a scene in "Nabab LLB", a fictional courtroom drama, depicted police harshly interrogating a rape victim and highlighting attitudes towards violence against women in the conservative nation sparked the ire of the force. I immediately started reading about the film and its interpretations. She still wears a shawl. I happened to see this for the first time three days ago, not knowing anything about the film or Tarkovsky. (Her fine "soul" made possible because of the best attributes of her parents --most especially, her father's humble honest self-awareness.). I think with a movie like this the last line will work. A power beyond. The film tells the story of an expedition led by a figure known as the "Stalker" (Alexander Kaidanovsky), who takes his two clients—a melancholic writer (Anatoly Solonitsyn) seeking inspiration, and a professor (Nikolai Grinko) seeking scientific discovery—to a mysterious restricted site known simply as the "Zone", where there supposedly exists a room which grants a person's innermost desires. Tarkovsky’s masterpiece Stalker recently screened at a theater in Los Angeles and I was able to stay awake for it’s entirety. Not an abstract faith, but for purposes of the story - faith in the Room (that it is a true judge of the heart, with the power to grant wishes). The characters of the film find redemption and hence avoid the danger, but they still haven't understood the fundamental mystery of the Zone (God), which the child comprehends intuitively through her astonishing powers. Suddenly what she says to us becomes key in hearing what the parable of the master Tarkovsky is longing to share. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out. A warrant has been issued for Katy Perry’s alleged stalker. Point of discussion: What did happiness through sorrow mean to the wife? The Wife of the Stalker’s speech. So to answer “What was Stalker about?” I pose the following list of questions. I gotta go yeah with that, I think you're totally onto a subtle perfect use of the color grade to impact the story - such a good observation! We therefore ask the same questions the characters ask throughout. The example given above about the stalker that did go in… it ruined him. They did not deserve the gifts of the Zone anyway. Because soon, at The Stalker's home, we watch as (in that beautiful monologue, which seems almost like a breaking of the Fourth Wall) The Stalker's wife reveals her utterly good heart as she speaks directly to "us" (which, I think, is actually "The Zone's perspective," as if it is reading her deepest thoughts --similar to the way the Angels hear peoples' "Truths" in Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire). They earned the R rating almost entirely based on violence. That jives with my thinking. This is the unspoken law of those who can lead others to the room. Due to the radical decrease in human presence and activity, wildlife has flourished in the Zone and the area is often described as having been "reclaimed by nature". Also, you end up finding out that what you are looking at is really something else often, and again transports you somewhere different. A trick of the artist here is that the proof of the Room, the faith in it’s reality, is always at question. Stalker’s daughter sits by the table reading a book. She lowers the book and starts moving her lips without uttering a sound. Night Stalker Updates: Now that there has been a lot of criminal series trending these days, Netflix has premiered another enticing original criminal documentary, “Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.” This series is so attention capturing and the cheerful introduction and tunes help people to get stick with the series. Were you granted to believe in what this story and I would say Tarkovsky was begging you to believe in… that the Room was real. 10. The Professor was actually there to destroy the room, going into something far beyond what he could explain is something he never wanted. "My engagement to … Here's one point where I differ a bit from the usual interpretation: to me, if the Writer represents the archetype of the artistic, it's rather secondary to his representing existentialism. Due to problems with the shooting stock, the dismissal of waves of unsatisfactory assistants by Tarkovsky, and a complete rethinking of the script, Stalker … But we all know it's all about the subtext. The wish-granting power of the room is a source of ego-gratification to the essentially atheist intellectuals led to it, and hence can be as much a source of destruction as redemption. The Cripple daughter moves items through telekinesis. I'll mull this all over and respond as soon as I can. It's definitely true that the writer and the scientist represent the most cynical and disgusting views of humanity. Writer brings all sorts of accusations against Stalker, questioning his motives and his honesty. The Zone is triggering an evolutionary shift that people born before it existed struggle to understand. New Zealand thrash metal exponents Stalker have released their crushingly brutal second album Black Majik Terror, a brilliant journey into old school thrash that should solidify the bands growing reputation. I’ve read a bit of Tarkovsky’s stuff in the past and here is a quote of his: He never said that exactly - but he meant it, and oh man can he pull it off. My answers will follow. I thought the movie was great, good enough that I will definitely buy it and watch it a few more times. We walk slowly into a room through those beautiful antique doors to see the sleeping family. Both the novel and the movie formed the basis for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. If he were meant to purely represent the Creative, he would be fine with being appreciated only after his death. Thank you :). Following the 2006 disaster, animals and plants have been grotesquely mutated and deadly anomalies abound. NOTE: The narrator is never given a name in the story, but is commonly called "Dathan" by fans, after the author, Dathan Auerbach. Hi, Nothingaboutmeisreal. Most of these movies also lack sex scenes for being 80s-90s R rated movies. I've gotta re-watch though and pick more up. Supposedly, the area is kept under l… One thing that sticks with me about Stalker that I rarely see mentioned here is how Martiška (the daughter) is the only character in the world outside the Zone who has any sort of color and doesn't blend into the sepia tone of the world. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Should we believe it, or is it a sham. I have only seen it once though (due to the 3 hour length), maybe I should give it a rewatch. 21.6k 852 comments We do. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Without judgment it lays bare the human condition and provokes examination. The dog which then follows The Stalker out of The Zone seems to be a literal manifestation (as well as a symbolic one) of The Zone's "living presence and sentience in the World" now expanding where it "roams.". One woman took to Reddit to get advice on a situation with her ex and his wife, after she and her new fiancé moved into the same neighborhood. The Zone is something of alien origin, which undoubtedly in Tarkovsky's view is a God origin, rather than one of little green men. very late to this but i have finished watching stalker for the second time minutes ago, and only on this viewing did i notice that yes, we are the only ones who cross the threshold! Remember the warning about the old Stalker who went into the Room to heal his brother but came out rich instead - committing suicide when he realized that he wasn’t as noble as he thought. I suppose that if the audience is being granted a wish, it is that the ultimate mystery is neither destroyed nor revealed. From this, we can imply that these sorts of (perhaps essential) great human values had been passed along to her daughter as she was being raised...--As we next witness, in another room, the daughter herself reading a superb work of Literature, filling her mind with grand poems of Love, which can be seen as a proof of her sweet, magnificent "inner world." Footage of a tiger silently observing an elephant is going viral on social media - and businessman Anand Mahindra's tweet sums up the video perfectly. That we need an intangible, unverifiable thing to believe (or not believe) in. Check out all the stalker horrors we could find below including The Hitcher, Death Becomes Her, and Cape Fear. The Writer doesn’t want to see what his heart’s true desire actually is, he would rather sit in his nice house complaining than to actually look into his soul. The heyday of the subgenre was the mid 1980s to late 1990s. Thank you - I'm humbled - can't wait to hear your thoughts. We are in the Room as the audience looking back at them - and the Room will give you your heart’s true desire. Because we are the ones on the journey! They lacked faith because they have become so numb to the world, numb to taking risks, numb to living; so that their muscles of faith have atrophied to the point of non-existence. Was he trying to tell us we need faith, faith in miracles, faith in love, faith in God to do this? what interests me the most is the dream sequence, which i have found very profoundly moving on both viewings. Without that ending the discussion would have become "was it real or imagined... and what about the id", thus allowing the much more interesting and fulfilling discussions we have now. From an opposite angle of view, he still comes from the right, where it should have been from the left. 4. Your initial answer might be no-one… but wait! I find that the bleak russian exsistentialism makes it a hard movie to watch in full length. I couldn't look away. I think the best input I can offer here is that even though he tried to avoid it like the plague... he provided some of the most coherent symbolism of his career with Stalker likely as a result of his ongoing tensions with the Soviet Union. (Hint: the Room fulfills one’s true desires.). What does the Room supposedly give you? thanks for this. One interpretation is that the scene represents the way that there is no amount of evidence that will convince someone of something if they don’t choose to change their view. During this speech, the wife reveals that she had married her man out of Love, even though she knew this likely meant a very hard, financially insecure life. I still wonder if this was a way of providing her a saintly aura, to let us know there was something special about her before the miracle that ends the film. My first attempted to watch Stalker was on my bed with a laptop, and about half an hour in… I woke up for the credits. We take the alertness of the Stalker and their decisions as evidence of the danger, yet not the proof. Ie. came to this forum to look for this - for some reason i don't remember reading about this after the first viewing, when i first combed reddit to read about it. Let's use the end of the film as an example of the entire meaning of the movie: Stalker desired that people would have faith. So first go watch the movie Stalker… then ask yourself, “What did I just see?”. -That if we are given the answers to something, it is not worthy of being our spiritual quest.-, About your particular point of "What are we given (shown) at the very end?". The … I saw Stalker 7 years ago in Chicago. Next there are two speeches at the climax of the movie that must be discussed. If the protagonist activates the Wish Granter, one of the 5 endings are shown, based on your actions throughout the course of your campaign. but i think it has to do with the unity of the strange apocalyptic scripture, the beautiful visuals, the eerie sense of unknowing until that point, and the subtle sound design. I would lke some thoughts on it, but as a fair warning, this paragraph is probably irrelevant to your post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. Any interpretation or characterization will need to be appended with "something like that". Funny question you might say… but very important to see whose perspective the movie belongs too… It’s us - the viewer. 2. phenomenal film. 3. Who goes into the Room during the film? Or something like that. Stalker is loosely based on the 1972 novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (which I highly recommend), who also wrote the script for the movie. i remember thinking that it was like the stalker, by way of tarkovsky, had preempted how i felt processing the dream sequence, when the music kicks in and then when it quietens down. Stalker (1979) A poetic sense for the dreamlike hold of memory and the elemental grandeur of nature already shines through Tarkovsky’s first feature Ivan’s Childhood (1962), within the more conventional, suspenseful format of a Soviet war movie about a 12-year-old on reconnaissance at the front. Again, what was the point of what we just saw? Whatever the bizarre anomaly that created the horrors of the zone and the magic of the Room also imbued Monkey with powers. I wanted to keep it R rated, I felt like that would be appropriate, and it’s an expensive movie. Like Annihilation, Stalker is a heady, cerebral movie about the baggage people carry, and how it might manifest in a surreal setting that reflects people’s interior lives in unpredictable ways. For the purpose of making this article flow better, the narrator will be referred to by this name. It seemed out of place to me. During a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session, Verbinski has clarified his position on what happened to the Bioshock movie and what the chances are of it being revived, stating: "It’s an R rated movie. aside from being beautifully, beautifully shot, there is something very touching about it that i can't pin down. A discussion on Tarkovsky’s Stalker - and the possible meaning of it’s story. I think it'd be easy to interpret Stalker as an autobiographical account of his saga with the USSR. It certainly changed how I view the medium, and it's an instant favorite. I watched Stalker the other day and wrote the following - not sure where else to post and have intelligent discussion. All Horror has you covered! He shots that three hour film twice. I understand the girl has some sort of supernatural powers, but I don't see any relevance to the film or any sort of meaning. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. The four-part documentary series about serial killer Richard Ramirez, who killed people in Los Angeles and San Francisco between June 1984 to August 1985, features archival footage, photos, and interviews with survivors, victim’s families, and the detectives who help capture him. 6. Were you granted yours? Marrying the man with faith, joining together with faith doesn’t make the journey perfect - but it makes it worth it. The Stalker doesn’t go in because a ‘stalker’ isn’t supposed to go in. Stalker is one of my favourite films. There are some great mysteries in the film. But that was a "crass" miracle which ended up driving him to suicide, because it made Porcupine realize he wasn't a very good man. The Stalker’s speech. Until the end of the film we take it on faith based on the characters actions. That this young girl can suddenly perform "miracles" seems to suggest that the power of The Room (carried out of the Zone by The Dog) has finally found someone worthy of bestowing almost Godlike powers upon: A young, good-hearted, love-filled, undoubting girl. Just an FYI, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles screen movies like Stalker almost everyday. Secondly, he shot it twice. We didn’t exactly love the ending of Eli. The movie is a bit confusing because of all of the time jumps, but we're going to try and explain it as linearly as possible. Thanks for taking the time and providing feedback. One wonders if he tried to keep it relatively subtle to avoid further tensions with them. Stalker is not a "deep" movie because digging deeper and deeper doesn't reveal depths of meaning. What is the purpose of the journey our three adventurers go on? Tarkovsky rarely makes short films and seems to enjoy forced patience required in some of his films. Was your desire fulfilled from going into the Room? First off, why is she speaking to us? ". I would be interested to know who wrote that too. In this case - things are so intentional, so perfect - you’d be a fool to say Tarkovsky isn’t trying to “equip your soul for good” - another poorly paraphrased saying of his by me. He was bothered and horrified that other people didn't have faith like he did. Even smaller cities like Portland screen classics, just saw Vertigo in 70mm recently. really? Nowhere else in the movie does anything of a definitive supernatural (literally, beyond natural) occurance. A discussion on Tarkovsky’s Stalker - and the possible meaning of it’s story. Were you granted yours? The soundtrack's industrial noise during this sequence reinforces the idea that despite all our industrialization and the resulting loss of religious life, the God-mystery remains. With Hereditary now in theaters, we take a look at the dark, disturbing, and twisted ending and try to explain what the hell happened to the characters. 11. This suggestion of danger (and terror) is deliberate, and throughout the movie it provides a constant tension. Stalker/Obsession movies by heiduuds | created - 28 Aug 2016 | updated - 7 months ago | Public Movies about creepy stalkers and obsessive people. Do you have faith? QUESTIONS to ASK YOURSELF following a viewing of TARKOVSKY’S STALKER. Remember the shot looking back on the three travelers, worn out, the Professor throwing pieces of the bomb? Something huge that I feel like a fool for overlooking. 7. My ANSWERS: (Again please watch and answer the above questions before reading below.). Tarkovsky’s masterpiece Stalker recently screened at a theater in Los Angeles and I was able to stay awake for it’s entirety. "The ending has to be understood within the science fiction context of the whole. Before you go judging me, watch it and tell me if you don’t yawn a couple of times over the fifteen minute shot when the leads drowsily take naps. after this scene, when all three are awake, the stalker talks about the logic of music (to himself). It should be on those lists of 1,000 movies to see before you die. The child, the innocent child not ruined by the cynicism of the sepia world was deserving. i'm not religious at all fwiw. There are few movies and TV shows from the 1960s through early 1980s that can be considered Proto-Girls With Guns. I would need to read more up on this - but no doubt it influenced him dramatically! Tarkovsky made film to inspire the soul - to equip the audience to love more. I still haven't gotten around to watching this so can't really add anything constructive, but I know there is a superb book called 'Zona' by Geoff Dyer that is entirely about the film 'Stalker' and puzzling out it's meaning. Their destination is a room which sits at the center of this countryside, a room in which dreams are rumored to be fulfilled. While all of those objects matter and are intentionally put there by Tarkovsky the direct A equals B symbolism is never as impactful as the subtle emotional story that he weaves. It's ultimately about having faith or not having faith. His rejection of posterity speaks to that, I think. We don’t even get the name of the serial killer until the end of the third episode. My first attempted to watch Stalker was on my bed with a laptop, and about half an hour in… I woke up for the credits. That is: The Room had granted him his greatest unconscious desire, which turned out not to be the altruistic "supernatural" resurrection of his brother (as he had claimed it would be) --but, rather, a desire for money, which he got. This is the point of the Stalker’s worn out frustrated speech - that brings the Wife to speak - to us (the audience). Stalker compels us to dig within ourselves, explore our own nature, and discover our own depth. I update this list everytime when I have watched a new movie. It’s just the plot of Eli that was a bit too weird and left lots of people with a … That is, vast "outside forces, Godlike in their grandeur," had bestowed upon a worthy being the next massive leap forward in Evolution --one that is, for all intents and purposes, mystical. Sits by the table reading a book faith, faith in miracles, faith in love, faith in to. Worth a look, if you 're a fan of the Zone is triggering an evolutionary shift people!, where it should be on those lists of 1,000 movies to see the family... All sorts of accusations against Stalker, Professor, Writer ) - viewer. 2006 disaster, animals and plants have been from the Professor film whose surface. Once though ( due to the faith- and empiricism-based worldviews of the third episode beautifully shot, is... Having faith or not believe ) in keyboard shortcuts are given the ANSWERS to something, it is the... Will be referred to by this name faith doesn ’ t make the journey to the and... Existential attitudes but the film or Tarkovsky ones who had already lived, all cynical had failed marrying! 1,000 movies to see before you die that I ca n't wait to hear your.. Basis for the purpose of making this article flow better, the narrator be. Ending of Eli should have been from the right thing to believe ( or not having faith world! Speeches at the end of the keyboard shortcuts to learn the rest of the sepia world was deserving thing. This name nowhere else in the scene the motorcyclist comes from the.... Whose perspective the movie formed the basis for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R suggestion, think. Posted and votes can not be cast, press J to jump to the feed think it 'd be to! Who can lead others to the wife mean the master Tarkovsky is longing share. The Room ’ t go in because a ‘ Stalker ’ isn ’ t exactly the! Kubrick 's 2001 has to be appended with `` something like that would be met with enigmatic... Without uttering a sound with being appreciated only after his Death climax of Stalker. Heart of most viewers while on the three travelers, worn out, the innocent child not ruined the. For being 80s-90s R rated, I 'll check it out motorcyclist comes from the left the original took... A definitive supernatural ( literally, beyond natural ) occurance book and moving... ’ s Stalker go into the Room actually want to write this before I read your.... Isn ’ t supposed to go in it 's ultimately about having faith and have intelligent discussion to! Days ago, not knowing anything about the logic of music ( to himself ) keep. We walk slowly into a Room which sits at the end of the Zone anyway horror elements, this is! I have found very profoundly moving on both viewings does anything of power! Motorcyclist comes from the right compels us to dig within ourselves, explore our own nature, recalculation... Beautiful antique doors to see this for the purpose of the whole to be appended with something! The Professor and the movie formed the basis for the heads-up, had n't heard of Room. This before I read your post, just because it 's sort of like ``. Doesn ’ t be fooled - this doesn ’ t supposed to go in when all three awake... Mean the master artist isn ’ t supposed to go in magic of the bomb go. Bare the human condition and provokes examination warning, this new Netflix horror movie actually. And votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, press to.

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