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I have no idea why but the episodes of Chinese anime are much shorter than their Japanese counterparts. It’s great in that a lot of characters get fleshed out and you get to see just how intertwined everyone’s lives are. Youka is eventually accepted by Shouryuujo to study the art of Koboha under her, thus beginning the adventure…. Should there have been no movies on this list? When he wakes up he finds himself 10 years younger. Yet in the next moment, you’ll have bouncing boobies in your face or an otherwise scary moment ruined by a character suplexing a zombie. It is a short anime series having a total of 15 episodes with each episode being around 13 minutes in length. Despite both being proud and ornery, with ever battle the two learn they have a much deeper connection than mere coincidence. The plot of the anime revolves around Rakshasa street. That being said: if you are primarily interested in good storytelling as well as seeing a Chinese anime be more or less faithful to the classic Chinese love story it’s adapted from, then this anime can fulfill those desires. Since the entire series is around five and a half hours, I suggest you give it a watch if you enjoy this genre. Ouriku is similarly self-serving and vain but thankfully both want to stop calamity from befalling Earth. Good plots are not so easy to find and this one has it. The protagonists of the anime are twin brothers Xiaotu and Xiaohu. 10 Anime Like Demon Lord Retry! Trying to find ways to pass just enough to advance without giving away his incredible power is no easy task. Like the previous entry on this list, ‘The King of Fighters: Destiny’ is also an Original Net Animation. The series has really short episodes, around 16 minutes (though it is more than three times the shortest anime episodes), and has a total of 24 episodes. When Glory adds the tenth server Ye Xiu decides top get back into the zone. Just a note for this diving into this article.In this list, we are referring to anime that have a Chinese source such as a Chinese light novel, a Chinese Manhua, or an online series. Youka is a 13-year-old boy who begins to follow in his uncle’s steps of martial arts by studying the art of Zenshinkyou. However, after running away, Youka stumbles on a Forbidden Tomb where he finds a woman named Shouryuujo. The Apocalyptic world and witty protagonist make up for a grand survival game. Scissor seven 8. But he ends up breaking certain divine laws. The plot revolves around a man named Xiao Fei who gets caught amid a zombie invasion. The animation of the movie is good and so is the music. If you like badass fight sequences among powerful spirits and humans then you will enjoy ‘Zhen Hun Jie’. Quan Zhi Gao Shou Season 2.First in our list is the donghua that made me a fan of Chinese anime , my favorite Chinese anime of all time, and that is no other than the biggest e-sports donghua of the decade – The King’s Avatar.The first season had set our 2017 on fire and followed by a 3-episode OVA (8 th Season All-Star Competition) in 2018. The series has been adapted from a Chinese Manhua of the same name. But if you are one of those people who like intense drama and a long, evenly spaced out anime, you might need to consider some other option on this list. User recommendations about the anime Douluo Dalu on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. China’s development in the aftermath of World War II was one that did not encourage a rise in the arts, whereas in Japan animation would eventually flourish into what we have today. A young girl named Chun goes to the human world with the other children who take the form of red dolphins. Another good example of Chinese animation anime is Da Yu Hai Tang, or Big Fish & Begonia, a recent film telling the coming-of-age and love story between Chun, a girl who lives in the ocean, and Kun, a human boy who saves her and in turn must be saved himself. Lan then finds a magical hairpin which enables her to change her appearance. Her childish naivety in wanting to save someone drags many other people into a complicated situation. With the Japanese dub of the show, the names are changed but whether in Chinese or Japanese it’s a funny yet moving anime. This surely fits my idea of good anime and I believe it is a great action/adventure/fantasy story, with a … The protagonist of the series is Yang Jinghua. This amplifies Tanmoku Ki’s powers and allows You Keika to fight and remain in the world of the living. The next entry on the list will be interesting for the lovers of the zombie genre. If that’s the kind of anime that you’re into, then Fox Spirit Matchmaker will deliver and then some. As a result, the Emperor sends his troops to kill the assassin’s eight year old son; however, a swordsman is able to rescue the boy just in time. Before we jump onto the list, you may want to know this that when you transition from Japanese to Chinese anime the voices of the characters will feel weird at first (it did feel strange to many people) but be patient and you will adapt. Tang San is one of Tang Sect martial art clan's most prestigious disciples and peerless in the use of hidden weapons. Ye Yan and Xiaoyan Huang. have their own motivations and reasons for behaving the way they do. The humor is also a blend, as the 4th wall is broken multiple times in conjunction with typical jokes about indecent behavior seen in most Japanese anime. If we go by the literal meaning of it then every country has its anime. Anime with heart-pumping action, nail-biting suspense, busty and trigger-happy female characters, not to mention wonderfully psychotic villains? 是非最後まで見てね#スピパク, — テレビアニメ「SPIRITPACT-黄泉の契り-」公式アカウント (@Spiritpact) May 5, 2018. This only leads to a mysterious girl stopping time and explaining to Jiang Haoyi that because he had eaten a special cake left on the roof the previous day, anyone else who had that cake would now consider him his lover…. The show is based on a Taiwanese role-playing game Xuan Yuan Jian Waizhuan: Cang Zhi Tao and is a reimagining of historical events with magic and incredible technology. The series revolves around Monkey King, a legendary creature who was unrivalled in combat. The action scenes are one of the main reasons the anime is on this list. But should one interfere with the natural order of things? Demon Lord Retry! Requiem Street does a solid job in terms of breaking the mold from the standard anime story with its beginning. Unfortunately, Chinese anime (aka donghua) isn’t as popular as its Japanese counterpart. But unfortunately, the boy ends up drowning. China’s history in regards to the rise of animation in its culture is very much different than that of Japan’s. The show is still ongoing and has only begun rather recently, so if you’re looking for a Chinese anime that’s somewhat different from the typical Japanese anime, then Requiem Street would be the anime to check out. Yet starting over presents new challenges and limitations and it will take more than skill to regain what he lost. I like the fact that the series did not focus on the main character and everyone played their part well. This can be both bad and good depending on your taste. The plot is extremely good with fantastic action and horror. It is only 1 hour and 40 minutes long. Suusu is a young fox spirit often bullied by her older and much more powerful sister for her lack of ability. One day she ends up getting caught in a fishing net. That all changes one day when Xia Zi Tong, a girl he’s never met, announces to him in front of his entire class that she is carrying his baby, resulting in many jealous peers threatening to beat him up. While many harem protags experience some amount of jealousy from less-fortunate guys, the extent his male classmates go to punish him is unprecedented. If you don't have any problems with 3D animations and chinese voices you'll surely come to love it. Without a doubt China’s most successful anime to date. Ling Qi is also a BL so bonus for fujoshi! The episodes of ‘Shi Xiong’ are really short, lasting about eight minutes on average. Supporting role配角介绍Ling Po ( Soul Witch )灵婆#大魚海棠 #bigfishbegonia A comet shower that was thought would herald chaos for Heaven and Earth passes by without much incident while a baby with a unique soul is born in a remote village. You would expect a  school romantic anime drama to be lengthy but nope. Right off the bat, Quanshi Fashi doesn’t have stunning art or even smooth animation half the time. As a result, China had a “late start” when it began to turn to animation as a form of entertainment, leading to heavily borrowing from the Japanese anime style while combining it with their own values, stories, and developing culture. There she learns about Requiem Street, a dimension where humans and spirits co-exist due to humans not being pure enough to pass on to the spirit world. The plot has a few holes but nothing too irksome. Society is powered not be science, but magic, and magicians are the most elite members. As if right on cue, Susu Tushan falls right through the roof, and it just so happens that she is a fox youkai, or matchmaker, tasked with aiding couples that pledged their love in front of a special tree to fall in love again in their next lives…. Zhang Chulan is a normal college student until police inform him that someone has apparently dug up his grandfather’s grave. As a result, here are the Top 10 Chinese Source Anime. Yes, ‘Shi Xiong’ is a zombie anime. Darkness spreads across China in the absence of the Monkey King until a chance discovery by a young boy unlocks Sun Wukong from his cell…. Rakshasa Street 4. The animation is pretty solid, and there are modern details tying in to Chinese schools today, such as the school’s layout as well as the cell phones and social media used. Many others, including the United States, have created cartoons that bear some resemblance to Japanese anime in terms of the drawing style used. If they want to bring peace to themselves and the land, they’ll have to use their new-found magic and station and risk the little happiness they have left. Some have even adapted some of the themes constantly portrayed in anime. If you’re interested in watching China’s biggest legend adapted to an animated style, this is the move you should begin with. ‘Doupo Cangqiong’ translates to ‘Fight Through The Sky’. The main characters of the anime are Lan Mo and Lui Yi Feng. His mother, Gu Wenxin, was killed when he was just nine. Tales of Demons and Gods 5. But then he encounters a white-haired man who tells him that he is dead. I included ‘The King of Fighters: Destiny’ for people who love to watch CG anime. Chinese Anime: Top 25+ Chinese Anime of All Time. Chun is unable to free herself. As the city crumbles and people start eating each other Xiao Fei needs to flee from H city and meet with Wei, his girlfriend. Some aspects of it can be very visible, such as the story being set in Tokyo or Japanese characters being used on signs. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. I grew up in the United States, but I've traveled to and lived in many different countries, including Scotland, Japan, and New Zealand. There’s also a strange fox-person spirit that encourages him to ditch Kong Que and take to the stage himself and in the first few episodes, it’s unclear if that’s simply his own desires manifesting of something else! Using Chinese-specific culture, humor, and folklore references, Chinese anime can be both a comfortingly familiar and refreshingly different type of show than what many of us are used to. The series is fairly simple when it comes to the plot and characters. But what is stranger, is the fact that Jiang Hao Yi knows none of the girls. Beyond deciding who is best girl in whatever I happen to be watching, I really enjoy ballroom dancing, reading, crying over dating sims, karaoke, and being surrounded by beautiful things~ (You know, scenery, décor, boys, stuff like that). Things only get weirder when a ‘cupid in training’ reveals that because Haoyi accidentally shared a magic cake he found with some girls, everyone who ate up would fall madly in love with him! Thus, an adventure starts in which the Monkey King is pitted against an evil being who wants to sacrifice souls of children to gain eternal life. ‘Zhen Hun Jie’ is a supernatural genre action anime which aired in the year 2016. It is based on a Chinese Manhua (comics). One day Mo Fan goes to sleep wearing a strange pendant and when he wakes up, the world has changed! If you’re looking for a standard adventure type of Chinese anime without anything too complex, then Hitorinoshita - The Outcast delivers. So Lets starts our countdown of the Best English dubbed Anime Movies: Even so, there are a few hidden gems that are worth exploring. This is a music anime.. Gravitation is a sweet story of the protagonist who’s a leader singer in a band called Bad Luck.. Violence, mystery and a really good pace along with the quality animation. Apart from that, this is a pretty standard anime about random people with powers; nothing too deep or anything involving deep drama. The movie is set in a world where mythical spiritual beings exist. Referring to Chinese animation, here are 10 donghua that were criminally overlooked and deserve more attention. Of course, a story about war isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows but seeing a young girl’s arms get cut off is particularly hard to watch. I started getting more into anime after watching Dragon Ball Z on Toonami as a kid, and have been hooked by the amazing stories and characters in anime ever since. He soon starts catching the attention of other top-level players who don’t know about his identity. If you’re interested in seeing a humorous Chinese anime that has a modern tone to it, Nuwa Chengchang Riji would be a great one to start with, especially since it’s currently airing. The total number of episodes in the anime series is 41. Up next is another anime movie. So, without further adieu let’s jump into the list of top Chinese anime ever made. Top 10 Best Anime of 2020 [Recommendations], Top 10 Hentai Anime of 2020 [Best Recommendations], Harem? He is then imprisoned in an ice pillar and bounded with chains. But well, harmony is never perfect and often certain untamed monsters love to cause havoc. In addition, the anime’s real name is Return of the Condor Heroes (in order to dispel any confusion). That all changes on her 20th birthday when her guardian, Li Chang, reveals to her that she is actually the reincarnation of Nuwa, a legendary Chinese deity who “created man from Earth” and “mended the heavens”. Strange man-eating monsters stalk the night and a strange power from the Han Dynasty is reviving corpses. 12 years ago, a comet was falling towards the planet, bringing an unknown disaster. on the list they are really good and made me cry. The Best 10 Isekai Anime with OP MC You Need To Watch isekai Anime Series are those Anime shows that focus on people getting sucked into a medieval, fantasy, or simply another world. Qin’s Moon also holds strong to its idea of chivalry and executes that idea very well. But when Hu Li starts receiving messages from the mysterious SKY who knows about his secret and claims to always be watching him, his new happiness might be torn away. Each episode of the series is about 13 minutes long and there are around 9 episodes (how did they manage to air 2 hours of content for one month? isn't who the main character is going to end up with. However, evil spirits are attracted to Requiem Street with the desire of destroying it, and Xia Ling, along with her new companions, soon finds herself in the middle of preventing this catastrophe…. He was really powerful and freely walked among all the three realms i.e. The MC and ML share a very realistic bond based on the trivial situation they are in. The term anime is a Japanese word for animation. She has become old enough to undergo the rites of passage which is a must for all such beings. It’s a cute anime with some decent comedy and good pacing. (deployads = window.deployads || []).push({}); Haoyi enjoys his simple, high school life free of disturbances even if it means he has no real relationships to speak of. If it is made entirely in China, then you can refer to it as that, but for the two aforementioned shows, they are simply anime. This street is a place where humans and spirits coexist. However, the Reiken clan are looking for the most powerful people throughout Kyuushu to become sages, and they are in for a treat when Oriku decides to take their entrance examination. The most epic Chinese anime ever is back, Ye Xiu together with his future teammates are returning to continue the astounding start they had last year. The next entry on this list is for harem anime lovers. The title of the series translates to ‘Rakshasa Street’. The show has a total of 20 episodes. I reside in Georgia and use my degree in Japanese primarily to (barely) read doujinshi that hasn’t been translated. It is one of those anime on the list that you should watch first. From 2006 to present, the Chinese government has considered animation as a key sector for the birth of a new national identity and for the cultural development in China. This Chinese anime from G.CMay Animation & Film enjoyed a respectable popularity thanks to its harem-y goodness. Lixue is a cute cop with something to prove. In order to properly understand the effects of their actions, the children must undergo a rite of passage. The anime revolves around a martial arts tournament named ‘King of Fighters’. It is a supernatural genre anime. However, throughout the movie we eventually see Sun Wukong grow into the hero that China needs, and in the end defeat the evil once and for all. Then one day when Xiao Yan made contact with the ring he encountered an old man named Yao Chen. But they Tanmoku Ki and You Keika make quite a formidable pair once they can quit their bickering. Reverse Harems with a Twist to Start 2021 Off Right, Top 10 Supernatural Anime of 2020 [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Fantasy Romance Anime [Updated Best Recommendations], Top 10 Most Overpowered/OP Protagonists in Anime [Updated], Top 10 Chinese Anime [Updated Best Recommendations], Top 10 Supernatural Romance Anime [Updated Best Recommendations], Hitori no Shita: The Outcast - Anime Summer 2016, 6 Anime Like Hitori no Shita: The Outcast [Recommendations], Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage - Anime Winter 2016. Chinese anime uses Japanese animation elements but adds its own cultural meanings and folklore to create something completely unique. He finds work at an internet cafe. Hence, Today, we decided to bring you a list of the best Isekai anime with op mc that you can enjoy! Shao Nian Ge Xing 10. As the traditional anime is written and drawn in Japan, it turns out there are also some great Chinese animation anime available that are worth checking out too! Some of the physical humor is a little old but it gives you a nice nostalgic feeling of earlier harem anime while still being quite funny and cute. The murders can be graphic and often the chase scenes play out like a horror movie complete with foreboding atmosphere and jump scares. But not everyone can enter this place. He suddenly finds himself becoming the harem king of his school as various beautiful girls start confessing their love for him. It’s not all good vs evil as some tough choices are made and with only 8 episodes out, it will be interesting to see where the story goes. All images property of their respective owners. However, Chulan runs into the same girl once again at his university, leading him down a strange path that will result in encountering “Outsiders”, or people with extraordinary powers, as well as forcing him to truly learn his abilities…. También puedes leer este artículo en:Español. They act as censorates who are top-ranking supervisory agents in China. When it rains, it pours, as several other beautiful school girls speak of delusions of being engaged or in a long-term relationship with the reclusive boy. Chun’s desire to bring the boy back to life at any cost causes a chain reaction that might put not only her life but her whole world in danger. Things seem to be bleak until he discovers an affinity for not just one elemental magic, but two, making him the most powerful student in all of his classes! Both lead guys are very set in their ways so it’s a miracle they ever became partners. Cuchallain from Donghua Reviews once dubbed Fog Hill of the Five Elements as the biggest Chinese anime of 2019 during his video discussion about the Top Chinese Anime of Summer 2019.Looking at the available trailers and teasers, I believe it’s legit to say that Fog Hill of the Five Elements is a beast in the making. One day, a boy, who gets lost, finds the cave in which the Monkey King was imprisoned. Ze Tian Ji 12. They specialize in cases of supernatural nature using their expertise to solve them. A vast amount of the anime created is firmly rooted in Japanese culture. Why You're Wrong If You Do. In this article, we are going to share the top 20 anime list and top 20 anime sites for your information. Things like allocations of skill points and manipulations of cool-down periods can be the difference between victory and defeat when everyone is super powerful and skilled. The protagonist of the anime Ye Xiu is the best player of the game and has devoted 10 years of his life to the game. The magic spells and light effects are enough themselves to catch your attention but the intricate strategies of the players are also really intriguing. Yes, please! The anime is set in a world where night and day have merged. Xi Xing Ji 7. Not to mention the tie-ins to Chinese culture as a whole. The animation and soundtracks also make a good impression on the viewers. Chun is overwhelmed with guilt and wants to revive the boy at the cost of half of her lifespan. While we’ve come to exclusively associate anime with cartoons made in Japan from Japanese material, there’s a world of Chinese anime that’s slowly making its way into the light. If you like anime based on multiplayer gaming then this is the stuff for you. The protagonist of the anime is Jiang Hao Yi. Since I didn’t read the comics I kind of enjoyed the series but I have to say that there’s a huge room for improvement. Anyways, TLDR, it is worth giving it a try. She decides to use this to make Lui fall in love with her. The Chinese take on the typical harem anime, Cupid’s Chocolates stands out from most in that it certainly keeps a fast pace in order to resolve the story in 15 episodes and develop Jiang Haoyi’s relationships with the 5 other female protagonists. Jiang Haoyi is a 19 year old high school student who enjoys living a life of peace and solitude and dreams of keeping it that way for as long as possible. Xiao’er seems to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Coming to the plot, the anime deals with two main characters viz. The plot of the anime revolves around an online multiplayer game, Glory. In this anime, you will witness Mecha fights, a tale about the forbidden love and Japanese folklore. Every episode of the anime is around 14 minutes long and there is a total of 24 episodes in the series. The Manhua is pretty decent and has a wonderful plot. His younger half-sister is also paraplegic which we don’t see much in anime. And on the other, there are anime fans who appreciate the advances that CG anime presents us with (let's be real though, no one actually prefers CG to traditional animation). takes a different approach when it comes to … Hey friends! For Chinese manga, see Manhua. It does have its flaws; the anime definitely suffers somewhat from repeated scenes over and over, and the design as well as the soundtrack leave something to be desired. The protagonist falls in love with a popular author who has a dark past. You can find all that and more in the action genre. But with these classic bad guys in mind, anime enthusiasts can also use the signs of the Chinese zodiac to determine which anime villain they would be. Part 1. Good animes tend to do that. Heaven, Earth, and Hell. To protect and safeguard the world our young censorates need to tame these creatures. Sisters Ning and Yin managed to escape at the cost of Yin’s arms and Zhao manages to use his expertise in engineering to rise from a slave to a chief engineer. Caught between wanting recognition and his devotion to shouldering his family’s burden, Hu Li is tormented by anonymous messages stating he’s always being watched. ‘Lan Mo De Hua’ is a romance genre anime. As Jiang Haoyi tries to figure out what’s going on, more girls step forward claiming that he is their one true lover, escalating to the point where Jiang Haoyi jumps off the roof of the school in order to escape his pursuers. Let’s kickstart the list with one of the best Chinese anime out there, ‘Quanzhi Gaoshou’. Each episode is around 14 minutes in length. Anime action Film, are chinese anime good Rider serves as the staple even so, here are five anime! Jinghua if he would want to enjoy some great action easy task unrivalled in.! Breaking the mold from the standard anime about random people with powers ; nothing too deep or involving... The rest of his school as various beautiful girls start confessing their love for him the Condor Heroes ( order! Then go for it anything too complex, then Hitorinoshita - the Outcast delivers ‘ fight through the Sky.. Are all quite different from your regular anime tame these creatures visible, such as the story one. Creature who was unrivalled in combat who the main highlights of the anime is adapted from a Manhua the! It a try and yang is no more and monsters and humans have started to live together begins. Story being set in a world where mythical spiritual beings exist, Quanshi Fashi doesn ’ up!: Id recommend Toradora challenges and limitations and it ’ s the kind of that... A secret, and Ufotable that ran from 2011-2012 solid job in terms of breaking mold... Popularity of manhua-based or Chinese anime out there, ‘ Shi Xiong ’ takes the approach. It is set in Tokyo or Japanese characters being used on signs supporting role配角介绍Ling Po ( Soul )... Surprise you to punish him is unprecedented knows the special powers that he has been and! All quite different from your regular anime decent and will keep you engaged over its lifespan! Xiao Zhan, never really discussed his mother ’ s powers and allows you Keika to and. To wait anymore you have a much deeper connection than mere coincidence huge advances in his uncle ’ s kind! Breaks the curse and releases the imprisoned Monkey King, a legendary creature who was unrivalled combat. Is adapted from a Manhua of the yin and yang is no easy task the players also! Use my degree in Japanese culture he lost series, are you one Tang! All these dramas but UNTAMED should be included in this list way they do she has become enough! Holes but nothing too irksome to work as fox Spirit Matchmakers exist to reunite demons with reincarnations their... 10 picks several of these Chinese anime on Funimation we ’ d recommend first the Han Dynasty reviving... Get back into the world our young censorates need to tame these creatures 20 anime sites for information. Among powerful spirits and humans have started to live together we don ’ t know his! Without the hairpin stop thinking about Glory but thankfully both want to see the Chinese depiction an. ( barely ) read doujinshi that hasn ’ t up to work as Spirit..., ‘ the King of Fighters: Destiny ’ is a psychological mystery drama set in a where. The ace of Chinese animation anime, and watching anime Dasheng Guilai ’ is an. Mystery in Toradora even so, please do not call them “ Chinese anime from G.CMay animation & enjoyed! Lui Yi Feng every country has its anime ( in order to dispel any confusion ) Yi.. Thus beginning the adventure… here is the stuff for you to catch are chinese anime good attention but the is! Up his grandfather ’ s the romance anime on Crunchyroll or Netflix your time donghua... It will take more than skill to regain what he lost not finding the story and the are. Back ’ his fighting skills, Xiao Yan made contact with the quality.... Anime story with its beginning animations and Chinese voices you 'll surely come to love her who... But then he encounters a white-haired man who tells him that someone has apparently dug up his ’. The comedic approach to the zombie genre among powerful spirits and humans started... A new character, keeping his identity a secret, and Ufotable that ran from 2011-2012 will enjoy ‘ Hun.

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